When these Denver homeowners needed assistance selling their homes quickly, they turned to The Denver Homebuyer

Happy Customer
Whether facing foreclosure, dealing with divorce, struggling with expensive repairs, or simply presented with the necessity of a fast move due to career or job changes, you can count on experienced Real Estate professional and attorney Jeff Corporon and his team to help you transform a difficult situation into a fresh start with cash in your pocket.

Dear Jeff,
I want to thank you and your associates for the wise counsel and great help you gave me during this difficult time in my life. Not only did The Denver Home Buyer make real estate easy to understand, in my opinion, your participation resulted in the buyer giving me $100,000 more than his original offer.

I wish you and your colleagues all the best in the future,


Jeff really helped us out what we thought we were going to be foreclosed on. The first time we talked he made our situation more positive and I felt a burden off my shoulders. We also came away with more money than I thought we could ever get.

Thanks Jeff,

The Vigils

Jeff is our superhero. He battled powerful forces, followed through with a strong offer to invest in our property and got the deal closed. He saved the day! He helped us in avoiding foreclosure and received a nice check.


Peter and Teresa L.

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Working with Jeff Corporon was pleasant and easy. Jeff gave us great advice, options, and hope when we thought there was none. I would highly recommend that if you need help avoiding foreclosure, even if it feels like there’s no hope, contact Jeff right away to learn how he can support you.

Denver Kushihashi

I was getting to the point of losing faith that I would ever get myself out of the hole I was in. I thought going through foreclosure was the only option I had left. I am thankful that Jeff Corporon from Brix Real estate came to help my family and I get to a point where we can have a fresh start. He was there to make sure I was comfortable with my decision and making sure I had back up plans. There wasn’t a point when working with Brix that I had doubt that I was making a mistake or felt uncomfortable about the decisions made. I am now able to have a fresh start and work towards buying a house again. I would like to thank them for everything because I am truly thankful and relieved.

Gibbons Family

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Great job to everyone and I wish to express my eternal thanks, gratitude and appreciation to GOD, to you Jeff and your entire staff. Everyone involved at Brix went above and beyond to make this happen for me and I couldn’t be happier. GOD Bless all of you every day with everything good in life and the things that all of you need the most. I can never thank all of you enough, I’ll never forget any of you and you’ll all always be in my thoughts and prayers.

David Haberle

I was ready to walk away from my home and give it back to the bank. The Denver Home Buyer was able to get me an offer quickly and he closed without any hassles. He also saved my house when we were going through foreclosure, and I received a big check at closing.


I wanted to thank you and your staff for all the help you gave me with my Bates Ave property. You are the best!


We are very thankful of how hard you have worked for the sale of the house.

Thank you,

James and Amanda Bass

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When we met Jeff Corporon we were facing a foreclosure that was complicated. We felt trapped, like there weren’t many options available to us. When you’re in a situation like that many people try to give you advice, or say that they’ll help you and it’s hard to know whom you can trust. Jeff, however, is the real deal. He was always available to answer our questions, and he gave us sound advice. He kept our best interests in mind, and he was very easy to work with. If you find yourself facing a difficult situation, Jeff has the skills and expertise to help you, even if it seems like there’s no way out.

Erica Kushihashi

Hi Jeff, I wanted to say Thanks for everything, you have been such a great person to me & understanding my situation. I don’t know what I would have done had we not been introduced, but I know I wouldn’t be where I am even now so thank you! I will send every bit of business I can your way!!!

William Sokol

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I’m very glad to be done with this. And can’t thank you enough. To walk away not owing and avoiding a foreclosure is all I could ask for. Getting a check back…icing. You are a godsend!

Kelley Nelson, 2015

I completely trust you with everything. I can never thank you for everything. Making that phone call to Ron that day when I was afraid of facing foreclosure was the best thing that has happened for Paul and I in a very long time.

You guys and Katie are our Angels!


City of Greeley
Administrative Specialist

Dear Jeff,
Thank you for all of the time you spent at my house talking to me about our situation. It really helped a lot. I feel like I have a better idea of what could happen. I really appreciate it,


Industry Testimonials

On behalf of Aaron Graybill, we would like to personally thank all of you for assisting us in the closing for the property located at 15548 E. Brown Place. We enjoyed working with you all and sincerely appreciate all of your hard work and efforts in this closing. We had a successful closing, and hope to do another deal with you real soon.

Kindest Regards,

Cindy Nicholson
Licensed TC for Aaron Graybill

I wanted to say thank you to you and your team. First time on a short sale, so thank you for your patience. Katie is a Rock Star, please tell her myself and Amber appreciate her help,
Thank you,


Dear Jeff,
Thank you so much for all your hard work and diligence bringing our recent transaction to a successful closing! I really enjoyed working with you and I hope we have the opportunity to work together in the future,

Mary Gedack

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“I called Jeff and he immediately scheduled an appointment to come to my home and talk to me about my situation and that I was going through foreclosure in a month. He put my home up for sale, but we were running out of time and I could not find a home to move to and rent. Jeff helped me find a buyer that was interested in an investment property, because I still needed to stay in my home, and the buyer was willing to lease back to me. Jeff went above and beyond to make that possible for me. Saved me from a bad situation and bad credit. Thank you very much Jeff and Brett. If you need an honest person who will work very hard to your requests and needs, Call Jeff!”


To the great team,

You guys rock, we want to thank all of you for putting all the effort and hard work into selling our home. Everyone made this a very easy process for us, but we know it was your hard work that sold this property. I can sleep now much better knowing we don’t have to worry about selling anymore, or being foreclosed on. Everyone was very professional but I really felt like you care about us as people and not just clients. I will make sure that I refer you to everybody who is likely to buy or sell.

Thank you with all of our hearts, you are life savers,

Conny and Jesse

Thanks for your help changing my life for the better. Much appreciation for your efforts and assistance. Your kindness is my good fortune. I can’t believe how much money you got me for my property. I was ready to walk with nothing or even $10,000 but you got me over $30,000.00. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am now leaving on a long much awaited road trip and I wish you all the best.


Thank you so much. I really appreciate what you have done and continue to do for me. The Denver Home Buyer made my transaction so easy and thank you for the big check at closing. I highly recommend you to all of my friends and anyone that wants to sell a home. Thanks!!!