Should I Sell My House?

Reasons to Sell Your Home

Have you seen those signs in Denver, Boulder or Castle Rock, advertising real estate companies that say they will buy your house for cash?

Have you asked yourself when you saw them, “should I sell my house?”

Even if you’re doing OK right now – up to date on your mortgage payments, no big financial bumps in the road ahead – there are still some good reasons to think about selling your home.

There’s no time like the present to address this question, and The Denver Home Buyer can help!

Are you asking yourself 'Should I Sell My House?'

Let us help you decide if your reasons for selling your home make it worth your while!
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We have dealt with just about every situation you can imagine, helping over 200 homeowners find a win-win solution allowing them to move on with their life with a clean slate and a little money in their pocket.

Reasons to ask yourself, “should I sell my home?”

Job transfer, promotion or relocation

If your benefits package doesn’t include a stipend for moving, you may need to sell your house quickly. This is the perfect example why you might ask yourself ‘why should I sell my house,’ that isn’t necessarily a “setback,” but still causes stress.

Bought a new home but can’t sell the old one fast enough

Here’s another example of when you may need to sell your home quickly that isn’t the result of a bad decision or stroke of poor luck. For example, you may have a move-out date you need to hit in order to nail down the sale.

Vacant property in need of repairs

Repairing heavy damage and performing serious maintenance can cost you thousands of dollars, and take months to complete. The Denver Home Buyer will buy your home as-is, so if you don’t have time, money, or energy to make the repairs, or to deal with contractors, we can buy your home quickly, efficiently, and with little stress for you.

Liens or title judgments

If a creditor has won a judgement against you, selling your home to us quickly and for top dollar can generate the cash you need to settle your situation sooner rather than later.

Real Estate Agent hasn’t come through

Unfortunately not every Realtor or Real Estate professional lives up to the high standards of our industry. If your Realtor has been unable to move your home, simply fill out the form on this page for relief. You may have a cash offer for your home within 24 hours, and a check in your hand in less than a week.

Behind on mortgage payments

Are you ‘underwater,’ or behind on your mortgage payments? When you sell your home to us for cash, those mortgage payments become someone else’s problem virtually overnight, regardless of why you got behind.

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Facing foreclosure

Once you’re too far behind on your mortgage payments, it is easy to find yourself facing foreclosure. we’ve helped more than 200 homeowners make a fresh start! Get started by using the simple form on this page to tell us a little about your story. You’ll be glad you met us.

Death of a loved one

When a loved one dies, you may already be feeling overwhelmed with emotional stress and the difficulty of losing a family member. If you’ve also inherited their property and don’t want to be responsible for the mortgage, taxes, maintenance, and utility costs, selling it may be the best option.

Tired of being a landlord

Are your tenants behind on rent? Do they refuse to take care of the property? If you are simply tired of the endless late night phone calls and stress that come with being a landlord we can help. Because we buy houses in the Denver area as-is, even if your tenants are behind on rent, or have let the property deteriorate, we will make you a cash offer for your home that reflects the true market value of your property.

Do any of these situations apply to you? If you answered ‘yes,’ it may be time to ask yourself another question: “should I sell my house?”
We’ve assisted more than 200 homeowners in the Denver, Boulder and Castle Rock areas over the last 14 years, and I am confident that we can help you as well.

No matter what reasons to sell your house present themselves, we can help.

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